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A note from Krista Sevajian, Horace Mann Principal

Hello, Horace Mann and Indiana Area Families, 
Reminding you that we are all in this together feels like the message I am being lead to send to you on this 25th day of March.  I am reminded that no matter how much we think we know about teaching and learning, I also realize that I surrender to the fact that I actually have very little experience working through an unprecedented time like the one we are living. 
On the other hand, staying connected to people is something I do know more about!  And what better time to clarify all the ways we can stay connected together?
Did you know:
*We can still have our children log onto iReady, which they are comfortable in doing through their Google accounts.  They can access their learning much like what they do independently at school by using this online, personalized instruction and assessment platform.  Teachers continue to check in with their students' iReady progress and can also see if students are showing that they require a little more help with certain lessons.  
This is great news because our children can continue to stay connected with their learning at their pace and in some cases with their teachers in this way!
*Students can also access Newsela through the "Clever" link and our students know how to access Clever easily and what that means!  If you need any help accessing Clever, try this LINK and code out to make this experience a little easier for you!  While you are at it, try out the other resources listed there!  
*You can call the school and leave a voicemail and we will return your calls!  Your voicemails are saved and sent via email, so we can stay connected even at a physical distance!  Additionally, email your child's teacher, or me, Krista Sevajian @!
We miss your children and we miss you!  Our service to our community and our students remains at the forefront of what we do and decide for our next steps which we will take together.  Together we are better and I am truly excited to see all of you and your amazing children again!
Thank you for being here with us on this journey! I am so grateful to work with you and your amazing children!
Krista Sevajian, 
Horace Mann Elementary School, 
(724) 463- 8560