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Horace Mann Student Property Return

Horace Mann Student Property Return 

Dates: June 1, 2020 & June 2, 2020

*Many items were taken home on the last day we were in school with students.

1. Exchange of student and/or school property will occur between 8:00 a.m and 4:00p.m. at Horace Mann Elementary School. 
  • Appointments can be made to serve the community if this time and date does not work.  
2. Personal property and materials will be distributed curbside (on the bus drop off side, School Street) by delivering materials to vehicles and also picking up materials from vehicles.
3. Cars drive to the bus drop off side of Horace Mann, on School Street, which is on the side of the gymnasium where all materials will be ready/prepared for distribution.  Cars will be lined up in a single file line and personnel will be present to guide families. 
4. Families can access their children’s belongings and receive any property left in the school which was found inside desks or hanging in the locker areas of classrooms at the time of pick up.  

5. Student belongings will be tagged in advance to show ownership of what was found and to whom it belongs.
6. Families and community members will be requested to remain in their cars for the safety of themselves and others.

7. If additional materials are requested, Horace Mann team members will take note and search for the item.  Once found or not found, we will contact the family to share the results of the search.