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New Horace Mann Traffic Pattern and Plan for Dropping off Students

For the families that are dropping students off in the morning and picking up students in the afternoon at Horace Mann, 5th Street, in front of the school,  will be temporarily closed due to road construction.  
In the morning, we will meet you on Washington Street, to continue with our screening process and to welcome your children into school.  This street location is just below Horace Mann playground area.  Once we screen your child, he or she can walk up the sidewalk and enter school.  
For evening pick up, you may choose to park your car on another block of 5th Street or on a side street for temporary parking for pick up.  If you help your child know where you will be standing, we can help to direct your child to you. 
Thank you for your continuous support! 
Please call us with questions or email Krista Sevajian at