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Mrs. Krista Sevajian

(724) 465-8560
Dear Horace Mann Families and Community Members, 
My name is Krista Sevajian, and I serve as the Horace Mann Elementary Principal since 2019.  Our sister school is Eisenhower Elementary School and the principal is Erin Eisenhower.  Together we partner to provide our students and families with the support and excellence regarding educational and social emotional pathways for our students and leaders of today and tomorrow.  
Our Core Values drive our daily interactions and decisions regarding our incredible students and families.  We believe in providing a safe and nurturing environment which values authenticity, joy, kindness, passion, resiliency, laughter, and continuous learning.  Our team directly teaches students about the systems and framework that fosters excellence which are: Responsibility, Compassion, and Respect (#RCR).  When you visit, you will hear and see our students and team practicing and reinforcing #RCR.  We know that if students are directly taught exactly what the standards for behavior and safety are, while supported with their day-to-day social emotional needs, we have a better chance of learning and growing our talents and skills.
We believe that we are a community of learners that consider the importance of taking care of ourselves well so that we can help the world that we live within even better!  Listening is key as we learn our students and families.  We learn even more about the gifts within each of them everyday.  As a team, we are looking for the spark within our students and we feel inspired to help our students follow it to their futures!
If you have an interest in visiting our school, please contact us.  We look forward to connecting with you even more.
Krista Sevajian 
Krista Sevajian, 
(724) 463-8560