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W.I.N. Time for Elementary Students

W.I.N. Time For Elementary Students

September 30, 2019 


Dear Parents and Guardians,


As a school district, we are focused intensively on improving academic achievement for all students. We are also committed to providing the ability to track and support your child’s progress so as to ensure that our instruction is growing students in all areas of literacy development. Therefore, we are assessing your child three times this year with mCLASS: DIBELS screener. DIBELS instantly analyzes your child’s development in grade-appropriate foundational reading skills. Teachers use this data to focus their instruction around your child’s specific needs in areas that may include:

  • Hearing and using sounds in spoken words (Phonemic Awareness)
  • Knowing sounds of letters and sounding out written words (Alphabetic Principle)
  • Reading words in stories easily, quickly, and correctly (Accuracy and Fluency)
  • Understanding what they read (Reading Comprehension)

All students will be receiving the support and/or enrichment needed to help them become successful readers not only during core instructional time but also during WIN (What I Need) time. WIN time provides students with small group instruction and targets specific skill area(s) that are required to become proficient readers and writers. Students will be grouped based on their individual data, teacher input, and classroom performance. Every student will be transitioning to their WIN groups starting Tuesday, October 1st, and this will continue throughout the school year.


The teachers’ efforts in school, combined with your support and encouragement at home, will ensure your child reads with mastery and confidence. If you have any questions about the assessment, the activities, or your child’s classroom work and progress, please reach out to your child’s teacher, Victoria Franco, or Dr. Angela McMasters, who are all ready to help. The classroom door is always open and we look forward to working alongside you during this 2019-20 school year and beyond! 


Thank you for all your efforts.