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Homestay Families Wanted

The Indiana Area School District is exploring participation in an international program to host Chinese students for upcoming school years.  As part of that exploratory process, Horace Mann Elementary School will be hosting 18 students in grades 4 and 5, as well as 2 teachers, during the week of December 3-8, 2018.

IASD is looking for “Homestay Families” for this visit – households willing to share their home, family, and culture with a student or teacher from China.

The Homestay Family must provide a bed for the participant (He or she can share a room) and dinners and meals when school is not in session. (The Indiana Area School District will provide breakfast and lunch on school days.) Homestay Families should plan to include their guests in normal daily activities so they can learn about our customs and culture.

Any adults in the household who are 18 and older must provide current clearances. However, these clearances can often be obtained for free for volunteers. Contact Amy O’Neal at 724-463-8713 or for more information.

Homestay Families are encouraged to host 2 students, if possible so that the students will feel more comfortable in their home-away-from-home environment. Preference will be given to families in the Horace Mann/East Pike attendance area due to transportation considerations, but all welcoming homes will be considered.

In turn, Homestay Families will be reimbursed $225 per student/teacher for the week. Payment will be made at the conclusion of the visit. More importantly, we anticipate that families and their Chinese guests will be rewarded with a mutually enjoyable experience.

If your household is interested in being considered as a Homestay Family, please complete this brief survey: